Conditions of DOFOTOS contest

DOFOTOS is contest of, which aims to raise the level of documentary photography and highlight the work of photographers working on long-term documentary photographic series. It gives space to all authors, without limitation of age and nationality.

For whom

For all amateur and professional photographers without age and nationality restrictions.

Registration and photos upload

By filling in the data, uploading photos and agreeing to the terms of the competition, you are automatically registered. Registration for the competition is free of charge.

Submission form

You must upoad at least 5 photos and a maximum of 10 photos in JPEG, JPG and JPG format. The required size of the photo is at least 1200px (72 DPI) and the maximum size of one file is 3MB. Watermark is forbidden.  In case of doubts if your photos have been correctly uploaded to the system, please contact the dofoto editorial at

The closing date for the competition is 31st August 2017 at 23:59.

By filling in the registration form, the applicant declares that the entered work is his/her exclusive work or the work of several authors listed in the registration form and that the author has the right to use it as a work entered in the contest in accordance with the DOFOTOS contest rules. By filling in the registration form, the author also provides the contest organiser a non exclusive unlimited license unlimited in terms of time and space and consent to the use of the work for the purposes of the contest with no changes and for further promotion of the contest at web site and social network of dofoto. Applicants grant to the contest organiser consent to the processing of their personal data provided to the organiser exclusively for internal purposes of the organiser in connection with the contest organisation. The authors grant their consent to their personal data processing for the time needed to ensure the purpose of personal data processing and for a minimum period of ten years from the date of provision of such data. The organiser undertakes not to disclose such personal data to any third party, except for cases where personal data disclosure is required in order to meet the purpose of the contest or where such obligation is due under relevant legal regulations.

Photos judgement

Jury: Fatemeh Behboudi, LibuŇ°e Jarcovj√°kov√°,¬†Mat√ļŇ° Zajac, Juraj Marec, Martin ńĆul√≠k.

Photo series are judged by a professional jury composed of editors and external professional photographer. Each series entered will be judged as a piece of work with its specific aesthetic and informative qualities.

Each series of photographs is considered as a whole as the author has chosen and sorted it. Photos are rated anonymously. The photo marker must not be displayed in the visible place. The jury may not award any of the prizes. The right not to award the prize applies to all the photographic series sent to the competition.

In case of doubt and suspicion of disproportionate manipulation of the image, the jury may request the original photograph or the image created before and after the capture.

Submitted series will be evaluated in two rounds. In the first round, all submitted photos will be evaluated. Subsequently, five finalists will be selected and notified that they passed to the second round. Voting of the jury in the second round will be public and published on dofoto website in second half of September 2017. Each finalist will get review of submitted series from the selected member of the jury. Winner will be selected among finalists and announced separately in the end of September 2017.


The winning series will be published in September 2017 as a photographic essay on and then promoted on social networks of dofoto.

The winner will be interviewed and will be able to consult his portfolio with selected team member of dofoto and will have a chance to consult his/her new project in 2018. The winner also gains the opportunity to participate in the 2018 photographic workshop as an assistant of professional documentary photographer, pedagogue and curator Mat√ļŇ° Zajac. Possible travel expenses and cost of the¬†visa are not covered.

Prices are non-transferable.