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Catching a fire – Clary Estes about Lesia Maruschak

Maruschak is a photographer, yet such a title is an oversimplification of her practice. While photography, both practical and archival, has been a jumping off point of her work, she is ill content to limit herself the to strictness of the traditionally understood documentary photographic image. Maruschak recalls her early inclinations to paint on her photographs, recollecting.

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Ernesto’s Cuba

There is a big difference between a photographer who takes pictures at a certain place for a few months and the one who has been taking pictures there for several years and the place has become a home for him. Why do the photographs of Cuba by Ernesto Bazan differ from the others? […]

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#MeToo Photojournalism

Ever since the rise of #MeToo and the death of Kim Wall I have been thinking about violence and assault towards female journalists and photojournalists on assignment, especially through the lens of my own experiences. Odds are that you are either a woman who has posted #MeToo, or […]

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