Photographs that do not lie – Libuše Jarcovjáková

These photos tell about desire and freedom more than imaginative stories of the top writer. They are depicted with an unrepentant love to human beings and freeze us, silent observers, by their rough visual. They reveal the true ideas and feelings of the author Libuše Jarcovjaková as if she wanted to leave us alone with everything she experienced in her own photography. The author does not hide behind the camera, but on the contrary, through the viewfinder she is completely revealed in her beauty. In the history of photography, there are only a few authors with a similar thinking and experiencing their own story, not story of someone else. Undoubtedly, one of them was Diane Arbus and is Nan Goldin. Libuše Jarcovjakova is different because she lived in imprisonment not only in the psychic one but also in the social-totalitarian regime, which tortured her to such an extent that she left her homeland and went to seek freedom in Berlin. She does not look only at atypical characters in her stories, but she is embedded inside and composes them as if they are shared stories and therefore series is more about herself than about people outside the majority in their intimate world. Her visual expression denies all the familiar forms of documentary photography and leaves only on our intellect what we will find and it is the most correct way.

Photographs are authorized © Libuše Jarcovjáková.

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