Street kids – Michal Novotný

Ukraine has recently been the top destination for journalists with cameras looking for recognition. Photographer Michal Novotny, far ahead of these events, decided in Odessa to capture drug addicted children living literally underground. He got help from Ukrainian non-profit organization Road to home, which tries to take care of them. These photos will be remembered for a long time as they are so intensely stucked into the mind. AIDS in this community has expanded to such an extent, that at the second visit, there was only one boy alive. The harsh color and expressive features are readable in this essay. Author did not calculate but on the contrary shows his personal approach. Street kids is a strong statement about the state of society and the danger of drugs at such a young age. It is a pictorial story that will certainly not leave anyone calm.

Photographs are authorized © Michal Novotný.

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