The water – Alena Dvořáková and Viktor Fischer

Have you ever wondered about the water?

For years we did not have to think too much about the water. It was just here. It was willingly flowing from the tap. It was warmer in the ponds and rivers, sometimes somewhat colder, sometimes more dirty, sometimes clear, but it normally behaved like a decent element that we do not have to worry about. Ten or fifteen years ago everything has changed. The water started to be angry and behaved imprudently. Moreover, it was not possible to say, what it was going to do in advance. We were suprised a bit: should we dig well if it were dry or build a dam if there were floods? And it was not just about us – some deserts spreaded, elsewhere the shore was hit by a devastating tsunami. There are always more ways to go – the time is almost forcing us to take care just of ourselves. Where this attitude leads, we know from Greek or Indian legends. These natural elements won`t allow us to forget. Or can we play that game “who is stronger”: who can last more – river stream or a concrete dam? Maybe we will win for a while, but we will be exhausted. But it is almost best to think about water and try to make friends with it. It means, sometimes to sing to it, sometimes to paint it, take into the hand, drink from the springs. To notice it as people noticed it in times when they watched the shapes of the clouds and stars.

Text – Václav Cílek.

Photographs are authorized © Alena Dvořáková a Viktor Fischer.

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