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Nicaragua, teen pregnancy – Martin Bandzak

Since his first visit of Nicaragua in 2007, Martin Bandzak continued to return several times to document a life of community Subtiava where adolescent pregnancy is hidden. Early marriage, lack of sex education, gender double standards and religious prohibition of contraception are the main reasons why these girls […]

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Road to freedom – Jindřich Štreit

Photographer Jindřich Štreit chooses topics in which he can look into the depth of the problem to point it out. To get inside the community of drug addicts was not easy certainly but author conceived it comprehensively. Initially he had recorded their daily lives but after while he […]

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Mothers of patience – Fatemeh Behboudi

Fatemeh Behboudi (*1985) was born in Iran and her childhood and youth were spent in the name of war. The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century. Casualty figures are highly uncertain, though the numbers of dead on both sides ran into […]

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