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Catching a fire – Clary Estes about Lesia Maruschak

Maruschak is a photographer, yet such a title is an oversimplification of her practice. While photography, both practical and archival, has been a jumping off point of her work, she is ill content to limit herself the to strictness of the traditionally understood documentary photographic image. Maruschak recalls her early inclinations to paint on her photographs, recollecting.

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Finalists of DOFOTOS contest 2017 – jury review

Finalists and winner of the competition are already known. In the following article we offer a backstage review of the jury’s rating with commentary and entire series that have been nominated to the final. At the same time we have also attached a point rating (0 – the […]

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Jury about DOFOTOS contest

You can submit your documentary series to DOFOTOS until the end of August 2017. All you need is to read conditions and submit your pictures throught the form at our website. First series have been successfully submitted. Do not hesitate and join us. We are introducing international jury, which […]

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Street kids – Michal Novotný

Photographer Michal Novotny, far ahead of these events, decided in Odessa to capture drug addicted children living literally underground. He got help from Ukrainian non-profit organization Road to home, which tries to take care of them.

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